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Immerse yourself in the artistry of color and learn how subtle shifts in hue, contrast, and brightness can profoundly impact your film's narrative and emotional depth. This comprehensive journey takes you through color theory, practical grading techniques, and the use of industry-standard software. Discover how to craft distinctive looks, maintain color consistency across scenes, and effectively communicate your visual intent. Whether you're refining your personal projects or aspiring to professional colorist standards, this masterclass equips you with the skills to elevate your visual storytelling, turning every frame into a compelling, color-rich story.

    1. Color Wheel

    2. Emotional and Psychological

    1. The Setup

    2. Calibrate Your Monitor

    3. White Balance

    4. Exposure and Contrast

    1. A Visual Style

    2. Creative LUTs

    3. Hollywood Examples

    1. Scene Matching

    2. Isolation

    3. Skin Tones

    1. Scene 1

    2. Scene 2

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