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Launching: March 7th 2024 (Pre-Order Now for Exclusive Discounted Access). Discover the intricacies of guiding actors to deliver powerful performances and orchestrating a crew to create cohesive and compelling visual stories. From interpreting scripts and leading rehearsals to managing on-set dynamics and honing your unique directorial style, this course offers invaluable insights into the directorial process. Whether you're an aspiring director or looking to refine your skills, this masterclass equips you with the tools and knowledge to confidently bring your cinematic visions to life, fostering collaborative environments where creativity thrives.

    1. Welcome

    1. Building Your Team

    2. Communication Skills

    3. Stick to Your Vision or Not

    1. Casting

    2. Reherals

    3. How to Talk to Actors

    4. Building Trust

    5. Blocking

    1. Visual Language

    2. Your Camera Crew

    1. Planning Ahead

    2. Choices and Sacrafices

    1. Unexpected Challenges

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